Tosari Crop Research Centre

Creating a world-class research facility to advance the Australian grains industry

Purpose-built research station

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100% industry-owned

Unrivalled Research Facility

Tosari Crop Research Centre (TCRC) is a 748 ha, A$15 million research and commercial cropping facility on the Darling Downs in Queensland. With exceptional research-ready farmland and superior irrigation water reliability, TCRC brings together grains industry research, training, demonstration, and adoption in a world-class facility. Entirely owned by the Australian grains industry, TCRC is on track to becoming one of Australia’s largest purpose-built research stations. 

Tosari Crop Research Centre

Building grains industry resilience and growth


As a purpose-built, industry-owned grains research centre, TCRC aims to overcome common issues currently experienced by researchers and create a world-class facility to advance the Australian grains industry.


TCRC has the capacity for machinery, equipment and technology demonstrations due to its unique set-up with commercial cropping land and research-ready land. Regular field days are also an integral offering to growers and industry stakeholders.


A critical part of TCRC’s design was to ensure it could offer training on-site so that the vital linkage between research and industry adoption is improved. This will be made possible with the planned development of an indoor training facility at TCRC.

Partners already experiencing the advantages of TCRC

Striving for better outcomes

With a focus on combining research outputs, training and adoption, TCRC is set to become a key partner in improving outcomes and building grains industry resilience and growth in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

TCRC has a unique advantage with the ability to accommodate, plus enable interaction between crop genetics, farming systems, machinery, and AgTech research, while also being a conduit between research, commercial outcomes, training and industry adoption. 

Ways to work with us

Tosari Crop Research Centre - Partner with Tosari Crop Research Centre

Partner with us

Whether you’re looking at trialling a new grain variety, herbicide, fertiliser, technology or piece of machinery, TCRC provides the optimum facility to get the results you need in a growing world-class research centre. 

Tosari Crop Research Centre

Attend a field day

Gain first-hand access to the latest key research outcomes and meet with other growers and industry stakeholders by attending a field day at TCRC.

Creating a world-class research facility to advance the Australian grains industry

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